Being authentic takes courage…


“Real power is not power over others; it is power to be yourself.”

Alan Cohen


Authenticity takes vulnerability which takes risks and is difficult in a world that promotes shame and judgment.  The human condition yearns for acceptance and connection.  Conforming is one way to meet that need and avoid those feelings of shame and judgment.  The problem is that the more we conform, the more we disconnect from our joy and ourselves.  So the question becomes, how can I be courageous and authentic and still stay connected to others? With daily awareness and practice.


Ask yourself this…

  • How am I showing up in life and how am I being seen? And is this who I truly am and what I want?
  • How can I be more authentic, vulnerable and not hold myself back?
  • What would I do if I were 100 times bolder?
  • What would I say to others if I weren’t afraid?


Communication is a dance

Being authentic is also about communicating with others in the world. We must be accountable not only for how we speak but how we are heard.  We also make others accountable for what they’re communicating and how we are hearing them.  We can’t control the reactions of others but we can continuously practice communicating our intention and being curious about their intention.

So speak your truth in a compassionate and intentional way whenever possible, and surround yourself with those who lovingly encourage and support the real you.


Ask yourself…

  • How can I still stay true to myself while staying connected to others?
  • How can I create a safe space for others to be authentic?


“If you have enough faith in your own beliefs, you’ll find that it’s impossible to be offended by the beliefs and conduct of others.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer



Are you true to yourself

True to others

In all you do?


What are you waiting for?

Strive for excellence

In all you do!


Change your choices

Change your life

Balance throughout


Who are you?

Where are you going?

How are you getting there?

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