Rose Diaz helped me successfully navigate the turbulent waters of some recent difficult changes in my life. By forcing me to reexamine the pile of obstacles and challenges that were causing me undue anxiety and then breaking them down further into simple decisions and readily attainable goals, she helped me understand that I control things in my own life like my health and my overall happiness. Rose’s life coaching was invaluable to me personally because she listened and then subsequently helped me listen to myself.
J. P.

Marketing Director, St. Charles, IL

I appreciate Rose’s support as I address uncertainty,  take risks and a holistic vision for my life. She is an insightful sounding board for thoughtful reflection and when necessary mid-course “corrections.” She is accepting of my current status and supportive as I grow and evolve. Rose is also tremendous in helping me to acknowledge and celebrate my progress and accomplishments along the way. I look forward to our sessions together and know that my life has been enriched.
Rise J.

Entrepreneur, Elgin, IL

Rose is all about the sweet smell of success and the potential that is in each of us. Rose understands the importance of meeting people where they are and creates hope; inspiring possibilities for a future that had not yet been imagined. Rose sees the potential that is in each of us and leads others to find that potential in themselves.
Felicia K

COO non-profit organization, Elgin IL

When I first met Rose, I couldn’t get off the couch, was overwhelmed and had no hope. By implementing a few of her strategies, within 3 months I had a new job, made amends with family, and am now engaged to the love of my life, she completely changed my life.
Sarah B.

Rose Diaz gave a fantastic presentation at the Living Well Cancer Resource Center on shifting from Fear to Love. Our participants were educated, inspired and uplifted by the content of the presentation, as well as the true passion of this speaker. I look forward to working with Rose again in the future.
Marianne Cirone

Director, Living Well Cancer Resource Center, Geneva, IL

Rose helped me refocus my energy into what I am the most passionate and skillful at.
Ashley C.

Aesthetician, Chicago, IL

I’m reminded that I am whole and to know my worth. It will continually inspire me to strive for more, but for better.
Kevin L.

Spa Coordinator, Chicago, IL

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